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CAD-CAM Dentistry

CEREC is a CAD/CAM system for complete ceramic restorations in a single scheduled appointment.

Children’s Dentistry

Pedodonty aimed at protecting the health of milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-13 years.


Kind of screws consisting mostly of titanium, which can function like a natural tooth, placed for treatment purposes in place of lost teeth.

Kent Clinic | Digital Dentistry

Our clinic has been serving in Ankara, TURKEY since 2004. Implants, orthodontics (braces), pedodontics (pediatric dentistry), periodontology (gums), jaw surgery, 3D tomography – panoramic film, digital dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, smile design, laminated, zirconium. We serve in all dentistry branches.


Dentophobia is defined as fear of dentists or fear of certain semptons that occur in the tooth and unfortunately endangers the oral and dental health of individuals. If you are experiencing dentophobia, share this with our dentists to spend your treatment process safely and comfortably.

Implants are screws made of titanium used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. Dental prosthesis is placed on these screws.

The advantage of implant treatment to other treatments is that neighboring teeth are not damaged so that neighboring teeth do not need to be cut. The implant tooth acts as a root and you can easily eat, talk and laugh like a natural tooth.

Information About Dental Treatments on Global Pandemic


implant Treatments

It is a treatment in which the teeth lost for various reasons are replaced by a new one with a naturalness that is indistinguishable from the real one. In our clinic, treatment is carried out with many different implant brands.

Ankara aynı gün implant tedavisi

Digital Dentistry

Produced by scanning the entire mouth in 3D with a sensitivity of 10 microns; The restorations, which combine edge harmony, robustness and aesthetics, do not include negativity such as food accumulation and height. All procedures are performed within our clinic.

dijital diş hekimliği

Restorative Dental Treatments

It is the treatment of hard tissue losses in the tooth that occur due to rotten or non-rotten causes. It is a dental treatment that restores the loss of aesthetics and function of the patient.

Restoratif diş tedavisi

Children’s Dentistry

The kids are going to love dentists. There are continuous paedodontists in our clinic.

Ankara Çocuk Diş Hekimi

Gum Treatment

Deterration is performed with the help of ultrasonic cavittron. (The tooth stones are separated from the tooth by ultrasonic vibrations, the tooth is not damaged.) Plaque layer and stains on the surface of the tooth are removed by polishing process. In advanced cases, panoramic X-rays are taken and areas where bone support is reduced are sphered. Bacteria are minimized by applying lasers to gum pockets.

diş eti çekilmesi

Dental Prosthesis

Individuals who are without teeth can use artificial teeth used to meet basic needs such as eating, drinking, and speaking in their daily lives.

Ankara diş protezi

Digital Tomography and Panoramic X-ray

Imaging methods, which are of great importance in terms of diagnosis and treatment in dentistry, are carried out with the help of high-tech devices in our clinic.

dijital tomografi

Oral and Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is a branch of science that mainly benefits from the removal of abnormal and embedded teeth, the application of dental implants, the treatment of cysts and tumors of the jaws, prosthetic surgical procedures, pre-prosthetic procedures, and correction of various deformities such as cleft lip palate.

agiz ve cene cerrahisi

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the place where science and art meet in dental treatment. Instead of being a specific type of discipline or treatment, it adopts all dental treatment disciplines in order to create the best result for the patient aesthetically, functionally and biologically.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Orthodontics; it is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of tooth disputes with the lower and upper jaws.  With orthodontic treatment, you can have a healthier mouth, a more expressive appearance and teeth that will stay in your mouth for longer.

orthodontic treatment

Don`t Postpone!

Early diagnosis and treatment are very important in oral and dental health. Small treatments for ailments in the early period prevent you from encountering major problems in the future.