Dental Treatments During the Pandemic

Protection from the virus starts in the mouth.

How the dental treatment is done during the pandemic?

Covid-19 affected our entire lives, causing us to live in an unfamiliar routine. Our dental treatments, which we thought are not compulsory and urgent, are also suspended. However, according to the experts, one of the essential tools to fight the virus is protecting our oral and dental health. We should not forget that, in the pandemic situation, we will not be able to achieve success in our fight against the virus if we continue to delay the treatments related to our oral and dental health.

Treatments that you postpone may decrease your body resistance. To avoid such a situation, dental treatments should be completed to the end, and in the case of a complaint, there should not be any hesitation to seeing a dentist. Operations that are already carried out in a sterile environment in the pre-pandemic period are performed by taking more stringent measures during the pandemic process. After an operation, the examination rooms are fogged with a special device using hypochlorous acid, and the rooms are made sterile and ready for the next patient. In addition, dental instruments are suitable for reuse with the help of an autoclave that provides sterilization using high temperatures. The usage of FFP2 and even FFP3 masks, if possible, and also wearing a visor during the operation prevent possible infection transfer between the patient and dentist to a great extent. In this process, to avoid density and crown, to work with the appointment system in the Oral and Dental Health Centers is also one of the beneficial applications.

As Kent Klinik, we inform you that these precautions are applied thoughtfully in our clinic during our dental treatment, and we recommend that you pay attention to the full implementation of these precautions in the clinic where you will go for the treatment.

Avoiding Treatment Causes Tooth Loss

One of the negative effects of the pandemic process in our country is the disruption and postponement of oral and dental health treatments. Physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients alike choose to avoid treatment considering the possibility of encountering the virus, and patients put their oral and dental health at greater risk by applying unsubstantiated information and unfounded methods themselves. Even a simple filling that is not made can result in root canal treatment or tooth loss. Any possible inflammation caused by the untreated problem may interfere with the blood, wake you up at night, and reduce your body resistance through fatigue. In short, the treatment you postponed to be protected from the virus may bring you closer to the virus by weakening your immune system.

Is it possible to continue dental treatments while avoiding the risk of Covid-19?

Dental clinics are organizations that provide services under high sterilization conditions due to the procedures performed. Considering the conditions required by the pandemic, we will perform your dental treatment under high hygiene conditions.