Buried Wisdom Teeth

Buried Wisdom Teeth

Buried wisdom teeth can remain impacted when they cannot find a way to erupt within the jaw bones, when they are in different positions, and when they encounter physiological or pathological obstacles. We can leave the impacted teeth on hold from time to time under follow-up, and when they are in a position that may damage the jawbones or teeth, extraction can be performed under local anesthesia.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction Period

The position of the impacted wisdom tooth, the structure of its roots and the tooth-bone relationship are the main factors that determine the duration of the procedure. The duration of the impacted wisdom tooth extraction may vary from person to person.

What Can Happen After Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

After the procedure, it is normal for edema to occur in the area depending on the procedure performed. The occurrence of edema can be minimized with the advice given with both medical treatment and cold application. Edema heals completely in about 1 week.

It is also possible to apply sedation as an alternative to local anesthesia for patients who are afraid of the procedure. In this way, patients can get through this process more comfortably without feeling the procedure. Please click for the details of the sedation application.

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