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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the removal of the thread-shaped pulp in the center of the tooth. After the damaged pulp is removed from its location, the remaining space should be meticulously cleaned and reshaped and filled. With root canal treatment, it is possible to save the tooth without tooth extraction. However, root canal treatment should not be considered as a definitive solution, attention should be paid to oral and dental care, and the condition of the tooth should be kept under control with regular dental examinations.


What Causes Root Canal Treatment?

  • Cracked tooth,
  • Deep caries, causes root canal treatment.

How make is root treatment?

The steps of root canal treatment completed in one or more sessions depending on the condition of the tooth are as follows.

  • The teeth and surrounding tissues are anesthetized with anesthesia and eliminates the feeling of pain during the procedure.
  • If there are previous fillings and restorations in the tooth, they are removed from the tooth and the decayed tooth tissue is cleaned.
  • The pulp is reached from the upper part of the tooth.
  • Pulp and residues are removed from the canal by using dental hand tools special for root canal treatment.
  • The canal length suitable for the tooth structure is determined.
  • The canal is shaped with files.
  • The opened space is meticulously cleaned.
  • Canal filling is done.

Depending on the condition of the tooth requiring treatment (abscess or inflammation), root canal treatment is completed by making a temporary filling for the tooth, and after the healing of the tooth and surrounding tissues. Although this period varies from person to person, it is an average of 1 week.


Is Pain Felt During Root Canal Treatment?

Since root canal treatment is directly related to the nerves of the tooth, the feeling of pain is prevented by applying local anesthesia before the procedure.

The meticulous work of the specialist dentist who has completed the root canal treatment and the patient’s not disrupting the oral and dental care after the canal treatment will increase the lifetime of the root canal treated tooth.

Renewal of Root Canal Treatment

Although it is not very common after root canal treatment, pain may occur in the treated area. This pain can be caused by a new caries from the side teeth or an infection in the tooth that has had root canal treatment. In such cases, filling treatments of decayed teeth are completed. If the source of pain is the root canal treated tooth, it is possible to keep the related tooth in the mouth by repeating the root canal treatment.


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Can a root canal be made in a tooth that has had root canal treatment before?

It is possible to extend the life of the procedure by applying the root canal treatment again to the tooth that has previously had root canal treatment.

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