What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics Treatment is the department of dentistry that deals with the placement of the teeth on the dental bones and the diagnosis and treatment of facial irregularities.

What is Orthodontics Treatment?

In cases where the tooth structure is positioned differently from the normal, the mouth, teeth and skull structure are examined and the treatment method that ensures the healthy sequential positioning of the abnormal teeth is known as Orthodontic Treatment.


Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur?

Situations such as the position of the person’s jaw structure (front or back), the presence of skull-to-skeletal disorders, incompatibility of the jaw structure are the main orthodontic reasons. Intensive use of bottles and pacifiers in childhood, thumb sucking, early or late loss of milk teeth are the factors that may be effective in the emergence of orthodontic problems.


Types of Orthodontics

  • Overbite: The upper anterior teeth are positioned far ahead of the lower anterior teeth.
  • Underbite: The lower anterior teeth are located more anteriorly than the upper anterior teeth.
  • Crossbite: Upper and lower front teeth overlap each other.
  • Openbite: The midline of the upper anterior teeth does not coincide with the midline of the lower anterior teeth.

How Is Orthodontics Treatment Done?

The treatment that can be done to move the teeth and affect the growth of the muscles or jaws can be fixed or mobile. The type of treatment is determined according to the condition of your orthodontic treatment needs.

  • Bracket Attachment: It is the most applied orthodontic treatment method. Brackets are adhered to the teeth, and the wires are passed through the brackets. Thus, the teeth are moved gradually and properly positioned. Depending on the person’s tooth structure, treatment planning may take several months or years.
  • Special Fixed Applications: These appliances, which are made to pass the habit of thumb sucking, are attached to the tooth with tapes. They are recommended to be used as a last option, as they are not very comfortable during feeding.
  • Fixed Placeholders: In cases where primary teeth are lost early, a placeholder is used to prevent the other teeth from slipping into the space until the permanent tooth erupts.

What is the Purpose of Orthodontics Treatment?

With orthodontic treatment, it is aimed to improve both aesthetic and chewing function by eliminating irregularities in the teeth and jaw. In order for orthodontic treatment to start, the teeth must be healthy and free of caries and there is no age limit. When the need for orthodontic treatment is diagnosed in the early stages, the treatment planning will be shorter and with applications that require easier intervention, and healthy results can be obtained as a result of the treatment.


What is Transparent Plaque?

It is an orthodontic treatment method performed with transparent plaques prepared in accordance with the oral structure and tooth shape of the person with 3D printers, without the usual wire image. It is the most preferred orthodontic treatment method among people, as it provides and aesthetic appearance during the treatment.

What are the Advantages of Clear Plaque Treatment (Invisalign)?

  • It has an aesthetic appearance.
  • Dentist check-ups take less time than other orthodontic treatments.
  • Since it is removable, the plaque can also be cleaned.
  • The incidence of intraoral wounds (due to being metal) that may occur in braces with normal orthodontic treatment is less.

Situations where Clear Plaque Treatment (Invisalign) Cannot be Applied

Orthodontic treatment may not be applied in cases where the jaw bone level and support tissues are reduced. The most appropriate orthodontic treatment is planned with the dentist examination.

Is it possible to treat crooked teeth without braces?

With the treatment method called Invisalign, it is possible to provide the treatment of crooked teeth without using wires. After measuring your teeth with the help of an intraoral camera, clear plates (aligners) specially made for you, provide the opportunity to perform orthodontic treatment without the use of wires and eliminate your crooked tooth problem.

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