Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between sedation and general anesthesia?
My child sucks his thumb, will it affect the tooth structure?
When should the first dental examination be done in babies?
Is it possible to treat crooked teeth without braces?
Can a root canal be made in a tooth that has had root canal treatment before?
What is the difference between zirconium and porcelain veneer?
I am diabetic and have high blood pressure. Can I have an implant?
What material is the implant made of?
Does tartar cleaning (detertrage) damage the tooth?
Should wisdom teeth be extracted?
Does flossing damage my teeth and gums?
Is it safe to use fluoride toothpaste?
Are teeth whitening permanent?
What causes bleeding gums while brushing our teeth? Is there a solution?
I have hot-cold sensitivity in my teeth. Why does it originate? How can I fix this problem?
After the filling is done, I have tingling in my teeth, is this normal?
My gums bleed while brushing. What can I do?
I have teeth grinding/clenching, what can I do?
How long does it take to complete porcelain teeth?
At what stage is the latest technology in dental treatment?
Are teeth whitening harmful?
What should we do so that children are not afraid of the dentist?
Does smoking cause tooth decay?
What is the importance of dental floss?
I'm leaving work late, what time are you open? Can I come on Saturday?
I am pregnant, is dental treatment inconvenient?
I have heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Is dental treatment inconvenient?
Is there anything I can do to protect my child's teeth other than brushing regularly?

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