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Sedation Treatment

Sedation is a method that reduces anxiety or discomfort related to dental procedures and makes dental treatments more comfortable. Before that, oral drugs and anesthetic drugs are given by injection.

Implant Treatment

Artificial tooth roots that will be replaced by teeth that are lost for various reasons and cause a lack of function are called implants. These artificial tooth roots are screws made of titanium alloy.

Gum Diseases

Gum disease is diseases that occur in the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. They can be seen regardless of age and are infectious conditions that occur in the tissues surrounding the teeth.

Batıkent Dental Clinic

As Kent Dental Centre, we have been providing professional and meticulous service in the field of oral and dental health with our expert staff and state-of-the-art digital methods for 20 years.

At our Batıkent and Ümitköy branches in Ankara, we serve you 6 days a week so that you can be examined by our specialist doctors and complete your dental treatment in accordance with the pandemic conditions.

We provide professional service in the fields of fillingcanalprosthesisimplantgingival disorderspedodontics – pediatric dentistryorthodonticsaesthetic dentistryjaw disorders and semi-drowsiness – sedation application, with patient satisfaction as our priority.

Your dental treatment planning is completed with the finest detail with our private prosthesis laboratory within Kent Dental Centre, panoramic x-ray and digital tomography imaging devices in our clinic.

Although both our Ankara Batıkent and Ümitköy branches have easy transportation, we help at every stage to host our patients coming from Ankara and different cities.

Batıkent Dental Clinic

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What Does Batıkent Dental Clinic Care About?

As Batıkent Dental Clinic, our first priority is to complete your dental treatments with 100% satisfaction by making you feel more comfortable and comfortable from the moment you contact us.

We are proud to serve in the field of oral and dental health for 20 years with our expert dentists, expert dental assistants, friendly teammates, state-of-the-art dental devices and equipment for the dental treatments of our esteemed patients.

Batıkent Dental Clinic, A Smile Away

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Mon – Fri : 9 am to 9 pm
Saturday   : 10 am to 6 pm