What is Dental Prosthesis?

Dental prostheses used in the dental field are appliances that restore the basic functions of teeth lost due to various reasons (chewing, speaking, etc.) and contribute to aesthetics. In general, tooth and bone loss occur as a result of not treating gum disease. Loss of oral health is restored with dental prosthesis treatment.


Types of Dental Prosthesis

Fixed Dental Prostheses: These are prostheses that the patient cannot remove on their own, such as crown-bridge. Fixed dental prostheses are adhered to the person’s mouth with a special material. It is the most widely used type of dental prosthesis in terms of function in missing teeth.

Removable Dental Prostheses: Removable dental prostheses are a type of dental prosthesis that is removed and worn by patients and should be included in daily oral care.

Total Dental Prostheses: It is the type of dental prosthesis used to fulfill the functions of all missing teeth in the mouth. It is a dental prosthesis that can be used with the help of bone tissue in the lower and upper jaws and is known as ‘denture’. It is a savior solution in cases where the implant is not suitable.

Partial Dentures: It is the preferred dental prosthesis in cases where fixed dental prosthesis cannot be applied. It is also called ‘tissue supported dental prosthesis’ as it is placed in front of the toothless area and held with a hook. It is a type of dental prosthesis that can be inserted and removed by the patient when necessary and should be included in daily oral care.

Precision Retained Dentures: It is a preferred type of dental prosthesis for people with partially missing teeth. Hook-derived aesthetic dental prostheses without any visible apparatus.

Types of Implant Top Dental Prosthesis

Fixed Implant Top Dental Prosthesis: It is the preferred type of implant over dental prosthesis in cases that can vary from a single missing tooth to the absence of all jaw teeth. It can be used in a fixed way by sticking it to parts called abutments on the implant.

Removable Dental Implant Prosthesis: It is a type of dental prosthesis on the implant, which is preferred in cases where the intraoral bone structure is not sufficient and there are no teeth, and which is supported by the implant itself. It is a dental prosthesis that can be inserted and removed by the patient.

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