Bad Breath Treatment

Causes of Bad Breath

What Causes Bad Breath?

Halitosis is an oral health problem where the main symptom is malodorous breath. There are beneficial bacteria as well as harmful bacteria in the mouth. Unconsciously applied bad breath treatment can lead to tooth decay by destroying healthy bacteria. However, the source of the odor can be determined and permanent halitosis treatment can be provided.

·         Uncleanable spaces between teeth

·         Inflamed gingival pockets,

·         Dry mouth,

·         Prolonged hunger,

·         Diseases and inflammations in the mouth,

·         Poorly made dentures, food residues under bridges can also be counted among the causes of bad breath.

Do Stomach Problems Cause Bad Breath?

Another cause of bad breath is stomach problems caused by digestion. In case of reflux, bad breath is inevitable.

Normally, the esophagus is a one-way gate between the stomach. If it is intact, the patient does not have bad breath, except for burping, that is, when this door is opened.

Connection Between the Digestive System and Bad Breath

Another overlooked event about bad breath is digestive system diseases. Persistent bad breath; If the patient does not have any diseases in terms of teeth and ear, nose and throat, the patient does not have diabetes or kidney failure, the digestive system should be investigated.

Preventing Bad Breath

·         Brushing the teeth regularly

·         Tongue brushing,

·         Toothbrush change every 3 months

·         Use of dental floss

·         Prevention of tartar formation with regular dentist visits will prevent bad breath.

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