Digital Dentistry

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Batıkent Cad Cam Diş
Cad Cam Diş

How is CAD-CAM technology different from traditional methods?

Cad-CAM technology; the measurement of the teeth is taken by photographing (digital) with the help of a 3D sanner. The resulting measurement is 10 microns (one percent of 1 mm). (In this way, future bruises are prevented under the coating.) Design is made in a computer environment on the digitally received measurement. The prepared virtual designs are directed to the scraping unit and obtained from ready-made porcelain and zirconium blocks. In a short period of time, restorations with edge harmony, robustness and aesthetics are obtained. Since the whole mouth can be seen in three dimensions, negativity such as food accumulation and height is not observed around the restorations prepared.


What kind of restorations are produced with CAD-CAM technology?

Crown (Prepared in minutes can be produced in natural colour.)

Bridge (restoration can be completed within 3-4 hours.)

Zirconium bridges (Full mouth zirconium bridges can be made within 24 hours.)

Porcelain Filling (inley-onley) (especially in canal treatment and teeth with excess substance loss, is the best alternative to covering the teeth for future fracture.

Porcelain lamina offers the most reliable and fast solution to our patients who have aesthetic problems in the front area. In patients with discolouration and permanent staining but satisfied with the shape of their teeth, the current situation is digitally recorded before the procedure. then a copy of the teeth is prepared and laminas are glued to the patient in the same original morphology.

If the patient is not satisfied with the morphology of his teeth, a new design is made, the patient’s approval is obtained and production is started.