Digital Implant

Digital Implant

With the development of technology, the methods and methods used in dentistry have started to develop digitally. Implant treatment has also been one of the treatment methods in which digital development is used the most, and digital implant treatment has been transitioned.

Compared to conventional methods, a surgical guide system was developed as a result of 3D analysis. This system shortens the placement time of the implants and ensures that the patient has a more comfortable experience during and after the treatment.

Surgical Guide (Plate)

In the preparation phase of the guide system for the digital implant, a personalized plate is prepared by combining the 3D radiography and measurements taken from the person’s mouth in digital environment. Afterwards, this guide system ensures that the implants are performed seamlessly in the most suitable position, diameter and length.

At the end of the procedure, the previously prepared temporary teeth are placed on the implants immediately after the treatment, and both the implant and the teeth are placed in the same session. Thus, the aesthetic and functional loss of the patient is completed in a single step.

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