What is Digital Tomography and Panoramic X-Ray?

Digital Tomography and Panoramic X-Ray allows us to see bone thickness, anatomical formations (sinus, nerve, vessel, etc.), formations such as cysts and tumors in the most detailed and safe way. It allows us to measure on it. In this direction, the quality of the treatment increases.


What are the Advantages of Digital Tomography?

  • Digital tomography contains less radiation dose compared to conventional tomography. It is less harmful to patient’s health.
  • It is a quick and fairly easy imaging method.
  • Since the image quality and image resolution of digital tomography are of high quality, the finest details are not overlooked in patient treatment planning.
  • Depth and volume calculations can be made meticulously with the help of digital tomography. Calculations such as soft tissue thickness and bone density measurement can be planned without error before patient treatment.
  • With the help of digital image processing time is shortened and processing time is shortened.

What is Panoramic X-Ray?

Panoramic x-ray is an imaging method that is used to take an image of the entire mouth area of the person. It is a very important imaging method in dentistry, as formations such as caries, cysts and tumors that cannot be seen during the examination can be seen with the help of panoramic x-rays. Panoramic x-ray should be taken before the examination, as it provides convenience and correct guidance in the diagnosis of many different oral problems such as structural defects in the teeth, which tooth the abscess or inflammation originates from, the tendency of wisdom teeth to erupt, interface caries, bone measurement of the tooth planned to be implanted.


Digital Tomography and Panoramic X-Ray Times

Because the panoramic x-ray is taken digitally, much less radiation is taken than the body can tolerate. (500 digital panoramic films = 1 old system lung film)

Do you take digital tomography and panoramic x-rays in your clinic?

Digital tomography and panoramic x-ray films are taken in our clinic, our patients are not directed to other imaging centers.

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