Jaw Disorders

Çene eklem rahatsızlıkları
Çene eklem rahatsızlıkları tedavisi
Batıkent çene eklem rahatsızlıkları tedavisi

It occurs as a result of impaired harmony between the surface of the jaw joint and the disc.

The Biggest Causes of Mouth and Jaw Disorders;
Lack of teeth
One-sided chewing habit

Bruxism Teeth clenching – grinding (especially when sleeping at night)
Trauma story (Accident or impact)

How Do You Feel Jaw Joint Discomfort?

Pains reflected in the face, ear, head and jaw.
Pains in chewing, yawning, especially when we wake up from sleep in the morning.

Treatment Options

A soft plaque to hang out while sleeping at night largely or completely relieves the problems. After a few days of adjustment, most pain complaints are eliminated.