Jawbone Function

Jawbone Function

Although preserving the natural tooth structure is the priority of dentists, the use of dental implants is quite common.

Every unused organ begins to lose its function over time. In the years following tooth extraction, the jawbones may also melt in the horizontal and vertical directions because they are not used. At this point, when dental implants are placed in the jaw bones, they restore the lost function of the bone and provide a healthy usage function.

In the presence of bone resorption that may occur in the long term, edentulous space may require the use of biomaterials such as bone grafts and membranes in implant construction, additional surgical interventions. This can extend the patient’s waiting time and surgical procedure until the porcelain teeth are made.

Considering all these, it is advantageous for people considering implants to apply for treatment in the early period and to have porcelain teeth in the same session without the need for additional surgical procedures.

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