What is Pink Aesthetics?

In cases where the gums are overexposed, the dental practice known as Pink Aesthetics, is where the image is corrected, the disproportionateness of the gingival lengths is eliminated and the teeth are given a more aesthetic appearance.

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Things to Do Before Pink Aesthetics

Before pink aesthetics; other dental diseases detected eg: gingival recession, gingivitis, gingival swelling, gingival bleeding, gingival odor etc. should be treated under the control of specialist dentists. After the completed treatments, pink aesthetic application should be started.

What are Pink Aesthetic Treatment Methods?

  • Gingivectomy: The surgical removal of the gums is known as Gingivectomy.
  • Crown Length Extension: Is a pink aesthetic method preferred in patients who have too much gums on their upper teeth while smiling.
  • Gingivoplasty: The process of shaping healthy gum tissues around the teeth is known as Gingivoplasty.
  • Regenerative: With the formation of gingival diseases, the supporting tissues can be damaged and the body’s self-repair of these tissues is known as Regenerative.

What are the Advantages of Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetic treatment, which has a question mark for people due to the aesthetic in its name, offers a useful treatment method in terms of both aesthetic appearance and dental health in terms of tooth and gingival structure.

  • Tooth loss is prevented.
  • Gums and tooth lengths are brought to the ideal suitable color.
  • Gingivitis is treated.
  • All forms that support teeth, gums and tooth structure are ensured to be healthier.
  • It offers an aesthetic appearance.

Is Pink Aesthetic Permanent?

Pink aesthetic treatment is a permanent method. It can be used for life without the need for repetition. However, as in every treatment planning, it is of great importance for the person to perform oral and dental care regularly after the treatment and to have regular dental examinations in the treatment of pink aesthetics.

As Ankara Çayyolu Dental Clinic, you can reach us to complete your pink aesthetic treatments in a comfortable and healthy way by planning your treatment in the form of sedation – half-sleep treatment. For detailed information about sedation – half-asleep treatment, please click here.

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