Pink Aesthetics

Ankara Pembe Estetik

What is Pink Aesthetics?

It is the process of correcting gum lengths that do not comply with the golden ratio with the help of lasers.

Thus, the excess of the gums, the disproportions in the gum lengths are eliminated.

What are the Pink Aesthetic Application Methods?
A beautiful smile can not only be achieved by the whiteness of the teeth and the uniform structure. Gums should also look in harmony with the teeth and healthy. Aesthetic procedures applied to the gums to provide this image are called pink aesthetics.

Different applications can be made to ensure gum aesthetics. The gums included in the smile are shaped. Swollen red and hemorrhagic gums can be treated. and healthy gum image. Healthy gums look bright and rough pink (which can be darker in brown individuals).

Many methods can be applied to ensure gum aesthetics. The most popular and painless method used today is laser applications.