Laminated Teeth

Laminated Teeth

With laminate dental treatment, it is possible to have the aesthetic tooth appearance that the person wishes. Two materials, composite laminate and porcelain laminate, are used in the application of laminated tooth treatment, also known as Hollywood Smile.

How Long Does Composite Laminate Treatment Take?

Composite laminate is a material used for filling and can be laminated with the help of aesthetically improved versions. However, today, thanks to the CAD/CAM system, it has become possible to design a 3D tooth with a digital system and produce laminates from porcelain without even taking oral measurements. Since it is finished within 1 day at the latest, there is no need for a temporary tooth, but it can sometimes be finished in a few hours. In other words, it is possible to leave the clinic you come to in the morning with a different smile in the evening.

Is Laminate Dental Treatment Harmful?

In the treatment of laminated teeth, the tooth is not damaged as much as zirconium or other coatings. After the tooth preparation is completed by roughening approximately 0.7 millimeters from the tooth surface (with almost no damage), the image of the tooth is transferred to the CAD / CAM system with a digital camera and the arrangements such as the form and shape of the teeth are made with the CAD / CAM system. Then, the tooth design, which is formed from ready-made blocks suitable for the color of the tooth, is created with minimal precision by means of scraper arms. Afterwards, the laminates are checked and harmonized in the mouth, they are polished and the bonding stage is started. After a short bonding process, the patient can start using their laminates.

Laminate Tooth Life

Laminated dental treatment is very easy except for minor limitations in terms of use. It can be used for a minimum of 10 years without any problems, as long as it is not forgotten that laminates have teeth that are almost two paper thick and are made for purely aesthetic purposes. After 10 years, laminates can be replaced if necessary.

Since it is done without damaging the tooth, the most useful method is the laminate treatment, especially for young patients or patients looking for a solution other than zirconium coating.

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