What is an Interface Brush?

The interface brush is an indispensable part of oral care. The interface brush is used to clean the area covered by the gums between the two teeth that the dental floss cannot reach. Its use is mandatory, especially for patients with gingival recession. There is no need to apply any paste when using the interface brushes.

How to Use the Interface Brush?

There is no need to apply paste when using interface brushes, it is sufficient to clean the tooth interfaces with the help of water only. However, when applying the interface brush, it must be applied parallel to the ground, otherwise, when trying to apply it towards the inside of the tooth, the gum will be damaged.

The interface brush should be applied after cleaning the teeth, that is, after brushing the teeth and using dental floss.

Should You Brush Tongue While Brushing Teeth?

Bacteria in our mouth affect our whole-body health. Therefore, correct and good oral care and oral health should be provided. Tongue brushing is part of a thorough and effective oral care.

A nice tongue brush should be used while brushing the tongue. The back of some brushes can be used as a tongue brush. Apart from this, a toothbrush can also be used as a tongue brush.

For What Purpose Is Tongue Brushed?

The purpose of tongue brushing is to remove bacteria that initially settled between the papillae on the tongue. Especially in people who smoke, the space between the elongated papillae also increases. As a result of the bacteria settling in this cavity, odor and bad taste occur in the mouth. For this reason, tongue brushing should be done after tooth brushing.

How to Clean a Toothbrush?

Cleaning the toothbrush is very important for healthy use. We can also get all the bacteria from the toothbrush. Before cleaning the toothbrush, it must be ensured that there is no paste residue on it. The remaining toothpaste on the toothbrush should be cleaned with the help of water only.

The brush part of the toothbrush should be kept with special protective caps. Thus, it is kept away from bacteria. However, this hood should also be airtight.

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