What is Apical Resection?

What is Apical Resection?

Apical resection is the surgical removal of the inflamed part of the root of the tooth in the bone. It can be called a minor surgery that targets the root end of the teeth. While the root canal treatment applied as a result of the long-term deepening of the dental caries and affecting the inner structure of the tooth, called the pulp, is sufficient in most patients, but sometimes this treatment may not be sufficient.

With root canal treatment, the lesioned areas created by the inflammation on the bone tissue should be cleaned. This procedure is called apical resection. In other words, it means cleaning a part of the root of the tooth and the inflamed areas. In this way, the inflamed area is completely cleaned and the patient’s complaints such as pain, swelling, inflammation flow are eliminated, and the tooth is saved without tooth extraction and the function of the tooth is regained.

Dental treatment with apical resection is done without tooth extraction and gives the teeth another chance to survive in the mouth. After the apical resection treatment, medical treatment and ice application are applied to make this period more comfortable. The stitches placed in the area are removed at the end of the 7th day and the procedure is completed.

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