Aesthetic Dentistry

estetik diş hekimliği
Ankara estetik diş hekimliği

Porcelain Laminas

They are porcelain leaves that stick to the front surface of the tooth. Traditional coating can be applied with almost no tooth loss compared to teeth.
With cad-cam system, designs made with the patient in virtual environment can be applied to the mouth on the same day.

Zirconium Crowns

Thanks to its light permeability, it is much more aesthetic and natural than traditional metal-backed crowns.
Gum compatibility can be increased with CAD-CAM system and the process can be completed on the same day.

Composite Laminate & Bonding

It is applied in cases such as inconsistency, discoloration, etc. in the front area. It gives very nice permanent and aesthetic results.


After the teeth are cleaned of stains, the gums are closed and a specially prepared solution is applied to the tooth surface. Intense ultraviolet light is given. At the end of the session, whitening is obtained in 2 to more shades. The start and result are determined by the digital coloring device.