CAD/CAM Dental Technology

CAD/CAM Dental Technology

·         With CAD/CAM dental technology;

    o   The patient’s tooth size is taken with a camera.

    o   From the obtained digital images, the most suitable tooth is designed on the computer.

    o   The designed teeth are prepared with the help of a 3D printer.

·         With CAD/CAM dental technology; porcelain fillings, zirconium teeth, nano technology porcelain coatings, bridges, porcelain laminates can be made.

·         CAD/CAM dental technology is used in the treatment of aesthetic functional problems. It is the first choice of people who expect ideal contact, form, shape, size and porcelain teeth closest to nature. Thanks to the computer program, an exact copy can be produced by taking the other teeth of the person as a reference.

·         CAD/CAM technology is the choice of people who experience food accumulation among old fillings.

·         It is an ideal solution for people who are not satisfied with the edge harmony, anatomy, naturalness, color and aesthetics of CAD/CAM metal-supported porcelain teeth.

The margin of error is minimal in teeth prepared with CAD/CAM technology

Advantages of CAD/CAM Technology

·        With CAD/CAM technology, it is possible to achieve the desired healthy and aesthetic tooth appearance within 24 hours compared to conventional methods.

·        The prepared teeth have a perfect edge harmony and an aesthetic appearance close to the natural tooth.

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