Porcelain Laminate Veneer

Porcelain Laminate Veneer

It is the application made by sticking to the front surfaces of the teeth in the thickness of a leaf. Porcelain laminates are prosthetic applications used for aesthetic purposes, to remove the crowding of the teeth, to close the gaps between the teeth or to eliminate the tone differences in the colors on the teeth.

Porcelain Lamina – What is Composite Lamina?

Aesthetic anxiety has become a common problem for everyone, regardless of age. Everyone wants to have straighter and whiter teeth. A perfect smile has become the dream of many, but the time and stage of dental practices can become an obstacle for some patients to achieve the aesthetic appearance they dream of. The fact that composite laminates can be made in the same session has accelerated the time of getting the desired image.

Usage Areas of Composite Lamina

·         In cases of fractures in the anterior teeth,

·         In cases where there is a gap between the front two teeth,

·         When you want to close the gap,

·         When the surfaces of the teeth are not smooth,

·         When the length of the front teeth is desired to be extended,

·         When there is some roughness on the front surface of the teeth,

·         Composite laminates can be used when there is discoloration on the anterior teeth.

Porcelain Lamina – What are the Differences Between Porcelain and Composite Fillings?

Both porcelain lamina and composite lamina are aesthetic fillings. It is a tooth-colored and tooth-imitating filling.

·         Composite filling is applied inside the mouth. After cleaning the bruise, it is applied immediately, polished and finished.

·         Porcelain fillings are indirect applied fillings. The bruise is cleaned and a measurement is taken from the cavity called the cavity. In this laboratory, it is shaped as porcelain, that porcelain inlay or onlay is adhered to the tooth with suitable materials.

Porcelain filling is more resistant to harder chewing pressures, but if the bonding process is not done hygienically and correctly, it can fall off more quickly. It is long-lasting because it has glossy surfaces, it is more successful than composite.

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