Tooth Filling

Conservative Dentistry – Tooth Filling

Tooth decay, which is one of the most common diseases of our age, occurs when the hard tissues of the teeth are softened by acids. These acids occur when the food residues stuck between the teeth are broken down by bacteria as a result of not being able to be completely removed by brushing and using dental floss.

Tooth decay; with stimuli such as hot, cold, sweet, it creates an uncomfortable situation in the form of pain that is mild at first but then gradually increases if not treated. If such symptoms are present, it is important to contact the dentist immediately.

How Is Filling Made?

In order for a tooth damaged by caries to regain its normal function and appearance, first the decayed tooth tissue is removed. The affected area is cleaned and the cavity is filled with suitable filling material.

Due to aesthetic needs, closing the gaps between the teeth and arranging the tooth lengths and forms can be done easily with suitable materials. While a single session is usually sufficient for these procedures, anesthesia is often not required.

Tooth decay can be prevented by performing necessary oral care practices. In addition, it is possible to provide early diagnosis with dentist control, which is appropriate to be done twice a year.

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