What is Bonding?

What is Bonding?

The process of adding composite filling materials to the teeth is called bonding. With bonding, the teeth are in no way abraded from the surface.

What is the Most Important Subject in Bonding Application?

Color selection is very important for the compatibility of the tooth and bonding application. The professional and meticulous work of the dentist is important in bonding, as in every treatment.

How Long Does the Bonding Application Last?

The life of the bonding application may vary from person to person. In an optimum case with regular oral and dental hygiene and no dysfunction, the average expected time varies between 5 and 8 years.

How Long Does the Bonding Application Take?

The duration of the bonding application differs between dentists. While a dentist can complete the bonding application in 15 minutes, another dentist can do it in 1 hour. Rather than the duration of the bonding application, the naturalness and perfection of the process should be taken into account.

What Should Bonders Pay Attention To?

People who have bonding should use the treated tooth as their own. It is necessary not to do things such as biting nails, cracking nuts, opening objects using teeth. The biggest advantage of bonding application is that it is done without damaging the tooth. It can be completed in the same session by adding a material to the tooth.

If a part of the bonded tooth is broken, it is possible to repair the broken part in a short time. Apart from this, people who consume too much tea and coffee will have yellowing in their teeth, so the person who has undergone bonding should complete their oral and dental care without interruption.

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