What is Pink Aesthetics?

In cases where the gums are overexposed, the dental practice is known as Pink Aesthetics, where the image is corrected, the disproportionateness of the gingival lengths is eliminated and the teeth are given a more aesthetic appearance.

How is Pink Aesthetic Treatment Performed?

Some people have black spots on their gums. They can be seen individually as well as in groups. These spots may occur due to the accumulation of melanin and intense pigmentation. These discolorations could previously be treated with periodontal surgery or laser applications.

As a result of the gingiva extending over the tooth more than normal and physiologically, it offers the opportunity to capture an aesthetic appearance in the gingiva with much simpler corrections.

What are the Advantages of Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetic treatment, which contains a question mark for people due to the aesthetic in its name, offers a useful treatment method in terms of tooth and gum structure, both in terms of aesthetic appearance and dental health.

·         Tooth loss is prevented.

·         Gums and tooth lengths are brought to the ideal suitable color.

·         Gingivitis is treated.

·         All forms that support teeth, gums and tooth structure are ensured to be healthier.

·         It offers an aesthetic appearance.

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