What is Tooth Abscess?

How Does a Tooth Abscess Pass?

A tooth abscess means inflammation of the tooth or surrounding tissues. The cause of tooth abscess is pulp tissue that is sick due to caries, and sometimes gum disease. Unless this cause is eliminated, no intervention will give a complete result.

When a tooth abscess occurs, it should be checked by a specialist dentist without delay. Although the pain of an abscessed tooth can be alleviated by temporary means, a dentist’s control is required as the abscess will recur.

How is an Abscess in The Gum Treated?

Physiologically, there is a gap of 0.5 to 1 millimeter between the tooth and the gingiva. This gap will increase over time if it is not cleaned well. The foods stuck in this increasing space can no longer be cleaned at all. Abscess is seen in the gums as a result of the combination of the accumulated food that cannot be cleaned with bacteria. The primary treatment for the removal of this abscess is dental scaling.

Immediately after calculus cleaning, the process of cleaning the gums with laser or curettage is performed. Oral and dental care of the patient after this cleaning process is also very important. This abscess is not expected to recur after dental floss, interface brush, and tooth brushing are done very well

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